AC2021 - 200: Because I Said I Would: Promises in a Changing World

2021 Annual Conference

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Non-Member: $35.00

Five-time TEDxTALK speaker, Alex Sheen, shares his perspective on what individual responsibility means during challenging times. COVID-19 and anti-racism are two very different but critical issues that we are all facing. As the Founder of because I said I would and one of the world’s foremost experts on accountability, Alex will share an inspirational message in this session paired with practical habits and perspectives that help leaders keep promises in this critical moment.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover new habits & tactics that make promises easier to keep (e.g. tips for time management, communication, etc.)
  • Learn the stages in the Life of a Promise: how promises are made, kept and broken
  • Hear inspirational stories that can help you build a culture of accountability

Alex Sheen

Founder of because I said I would

Alex Sheen is the founder of because I said I would, a social movement and non-profit dedicated to bettering humanity through promises made and kept. Sparked by the loss of his father, Alex and his organization send “promise cards” to anyone anywhere in the world at no cost. Alex is someone who truly honors commitment. He once walked over 240 miles across the entire state of Ohio in 10 days to fulfill a promise. In just two years, because I said I would has sent over 12.3 million promise cards to over 153 different countries. The promises written on these cards have made headlines around the world. Alex is a five-time Tedx Talk speaker and his charitable work has been featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, CNN, The Today Show, NPR, The Los Angeles Times and many other programs.

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