AC2021 - 102 - Brian Gottheil & Suhaib Ibrahim - Preparation is the Best Medicine: Pandemic Planning and HR Law

2021 Annual Conference

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Qualifies for CPD hours -Talent Management - Workforce Planning

COVID-19 changed the world. With public health requirements for physical distancing, an abrupt economic slowdown, and many organizations required to close or severely reduce their operations, the employment landscape has changed immeasurably. Working from home became not the exception but the norm, occupational health and safety took on new and pressing urgency, and businesses explored large-scale layoffs and layoff alternatives en masse, bringing employers into what was and still is unchartered legal territory. But were you and your business prepared? More importantly, can you be better prepared in the future? In this timely and informative session, we will take both an employment law and a human resources perspective to discuss some of the ways your business can prepare for another pandemic or similar event that affects your business and day-to-day operations. From pandemic policies and work-from-home guidelines to enhancing your employment contracts to permit temporary layoffs and other job changes to managing unique occupational health and safety and human rights concerns, two experienced lawyers and HR advisors will provide valuable insights into employer obligations and opportunities surrounding pandemic planning.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify key legal issues that affect pandemic (and other emergency) preparedness, including constructive dismissal, occupational health and safety, and human rights.
  • Identify common legal and HR challenges when employees must work from home or work reduced hours.
  • Develop strategies to address the identified issues and challenges.
  • Proactively incorporate the strategies into employment contracts and policies.
  • Gain other tips and insights to better prepare for the next emergency.

Brian Gottheil

Lawyer & Human Resource Advisor
Bernardi Human Resource Law LLP

Brian has been practising employment and labour law since 2010 and joined Bernardi Human Resource Law in 2014. His practice focuses on providing proactive strategic advice that helps employers resolve conflict and avoid legal disputes. He regularly advises employers on employee terminations and severance, constructive dismissal, employment standards, human rights and labour relations. He also conducts workplace harassment investigations. Brian is an accomplished corporate trainer who has trained managers, supervisors and HR professionals on a variety of employment topics. He is a frequent instructor for HRPA courses as well as for private clients in the private and public sectors.

Suhaib Ibrahim

Lawyer & Human Resource Advisor
Bernardi Human Resource Law LLP

Suhaib believes that a work environment is most successful when there is a healthy work culture in which everyone feels respected and heard.

Suhaib is adept at truly listening to people’s experiences and has a strong appreciation for different perspectives, backgrounds and lived experiences.

Suhaib takes a balanced approach to workplace issues and gets to the heart of the issues that drive conflict and lead to harassment.

Suhaib has worked in a variety of settings including private practice and municipal government. As a law student, Suhaib worked with community organizations and elementary schools. He provided important educational sessions to youth in the Jane and Finch community, about their legal rights.