#203 - Keynote - Positively Influencing a Thriving Workplace

Fall Conference 2022

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As HR professionals, you are increasingly dealing with the impacts of mental health in the workplace – in addition to your already full plate of responsibilities. Not only that, but a muddiness in accountability and responsibility between HR and the Business might have increased tensions between yourself and the very partners you’re meant to be supporting. It can feel overwhelming, and it’s hard to know where to start – but it doesn’t have to be. In this talk, Brandy Payne and Lindsay Recknell will share the step-by-step action plan you can act on to embed a focus on mental health into your employee experience, empowering a thriving workplace. We’ll help great leaders like you leverage your positive influence and make more impact so you can stress less, take more action and continue to make a valuable difference in your organization.

Speaker(s): Lindsay Recknell (she/her/hers), President & CEO, Paradigm Corporate Wellness Inc.; Brandy Payne, CMHA-Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor