Transcript Assessment Payment

Member: $90.00

Registrants submitting their transcript for the first time in order to meet the Coursework Requirement through the transcript assessment process must pay a one-time assessment fee plus HST.  This fee is not required for any future submissions of transcripts for assessment.

Registrants completing courses via HRPA’s Online Academic Program (OAP), Challenge Examinations or the Alternate Route:  
•    Must pay the fee if one or more of their courses were completed outside of the above-noted processes 
•    Do not need to pay the fee if all nine courses were completed within the above-noted processes or if they have met the Coursework Requirement via the Alternate Route, exclusively 

Note: For transcripts that may be mailed, HRPA does not accept faxed, photocopied, scanned or copies of transcripts.  All transcripts submitted by mail must be original and official. For transcripts being emailed to HRPA, they must come directly from the academic institution. Registrants do not need to provide transcripts by both mail and email, please only submit your transcript using one of the options.

Courses taken must be HRPA-approved and registrants must have an overall average of 70% between the nine courses and no individual course grade less than 65%.  

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