On-Demand HR Power Lunch: Unconscious Bias in Recruitment and Allyship for HR Professionals

HR Power Lunch

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Let's Talk about common areas of prejudice and bias that continue to derail Inclusive recruitment practices and how we as HR professionals can identify and address attitudinal barriers to equity and inclusion.

This webinar/training session will engage participants within interactive conversations and learnings, that will demonstrate the importance of proactively focusing on accountability for equity and inclusion as HR rofessionals. the organization. The webinars will provide the key areas to build awareness which will also incorporate these learnings into Inclusive Recruitment tools and solutions with more focus on the tools to lead to Inclusive Recruitment Practices. The Inclusive Recruitment practices will address:

  • Common areas of prejudice and discrimination within the Recruitment
  • process.
  • Identifying and addressing attitudinal barriers to racial equity and
  • inclusion: The Culture of Language.
  • Understanding Implicit Bias, Implicit Power, and Structure.


  • Increase the knowledge of systemic and interpersonal anti- racism/ antioppression within the leadership and organizational environment.
  • Create an opportunity to go beyond words in exploring tangible actions and solutions.
  • Increase awareness of unconscious bias and unpacking behaviours, habits and thoughts that stem from bias and prejudice in efforts to diversify and address anti-racism/anti-oppression.Promising strategies to comprehensively create a dynamic, innovative, and inclusive leadership environment