AC2021 - 117: Teams That Make Magic: Leadership Wizardry to Unleash Creative Potential

2021 Annual Conference

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Non-Member: $35.00

Qualifies for CPD hours - HR Strategy

No matter how innovative our teams seem to be, we’re all leaving creative potential untapped. Even the most productive teams get stuck, fall into ruts, or become distracted from their goals. In this presentation, magician Brandon Love shares the hidden secrets which allow magicians and their teams to achieve the impossible. You’ll learn little-known, time-tested strategies to improve team dynamics, boost creativity, and have better ideas more often. This highly-engaging, magic-filled presentation leaves audiences feeling motivated and inspired to take their team to the next level.

Learning Objectives

  • The role of psychological safety in effective teams and how to immediately create safer team environments
  • The value of curiosity as a leadership tool, and how to model this value for your colleagues
  • How to change your F-Word – from “I’m frustrated” to “I’m FASCINATED” – in order to create more solutions to challenges
  • The dangers of being right, and how doubt and uncertainty can help produce results
  • Strategies to shift your perspective on problems, in order to discover more possibilities

Brandon Love

Professional Speaker and Inspirational Wizard

Brandon Love is a professional speaker and inspirational wizard who awakens people to their possibilities. He has been speaking and performing for over 10 years to audiences across North America. He is also the co-author of Brainsprouting: How to Become Fearlessly Creative & Have Better Ideas More Often.

After falling in love with magic and the art of achieving the impossible from a young age, Brandon began to wonder about all the ways we’ve sold ourselves short. What other things do we call “impossible” that are actually just waiting for a creative solution to become “possible”?

As a result of this quest to uncover the secrets of our limitless potential, Brandon has also formally studied education, psychology, philosophy, hypnosis, and yoga. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), and is a proud member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.