AC2021 - 107: Re-wiring for Resilience

2021 Annual Conference

Member: $25.00
Non-Member: $35.00

Qualifies for CPD hours - Learning & Development - Organizational Effectiveness

Resilience is defined as an individual’s ability to absorb energy and release that energy as it springs back to its original shape. In today’s ever-changing business environment, resiliency is a critical skill for everyone in an organization to master. With constant changes, increasing customer expectations, and new technology tools created every day, organizations must ensure they provide a sustainable framework to support their people in managing change.

In this presentation, Corey Atkinson will take an in-depth, practical look at three elements that build resiliency: our mental contexts, adaptation, and collaboration. Using personal examples of struggle, how he recovered, and group discussion, Corey will lead the audience on a journey to effectively build resilience in ourselves, our teams, and across our organizations. A resilient workforce is more flexible, agile, and consistently performs at its highest level. These qualities allow the entire organization to respond better to change – internally and externally – and use strong relationships and networks to help amplify productivity, responses, and results.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the 4 phases of resiliency building personally and professionally
  • Critical skills and knowledge to lead, manage, and perform under pressure
  • Key steps to develop resiliency
  • How to develop skills to build resiliency in others
  • Improved ability to change thinking patterns
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Increased performance using the influence and control
  • Improved focus and communication skills
  • Deeper understanding and usage of mindfulness
  • Strategies to refocus, recharge, and reboot daily
  • Positive impact on engagement and performance
  • Better ability to pivot during times of change
  • Leaders are better able to lead under pressure
  • Increased mental health insights and reduced instances of burnout
  • Improved decision-making and collaboration
  • Actionable strategies to lead and manage with more impact

Corey Atkinson

VP, Strategic Learning & Development
Customer Service Professionals Network Inc. (CSPN)

As a dynamic Professional Speaker and VP of Strategic Learning & Development, Corey has a wealth of experience in leadership, management, client service, and business development, and focuses on supporting others to realize their objectives ahead of projected target dates. He has a sharp eye for what is required for organizations and individuals to develop their performance edge in business today.

As a professional speaker who has presented to audiences across North America, Corey is a leading authority on leadership development, culture, employee engagement, customer experience, and service global business trends.

As a seasoned organizational development specialist and master facilitator, Corey has designed programs for, and trained and coached over 10,000 professionals and organizations from all industries. An expert facilitator, learning consultant, and certified trainer of Personality Dimensions, Corey is an avid developer of accelerated learning methodologies and experiences, programs, and systems all designed to turbo-charge learning for rapid development.