#104 - The Future Leader: 9 Leadership Skills & Mindsets for the Future of Work

Fall Conference 2022

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How do you lead in a rapidly changing world where it is clear that what worked in the past won’t work now or in the future? Leadership is changing and the pandemic has only accelerated the transformation. It has never been harder to be a leader but the impact that leaders have has also never been greater. How should current and prospective leaders think and what do they need to know? In this ground-breaking keynote, Jacob shares insights from the exclusive research he conducted by interviewing over 140 of the world’s top CEOs and surveying nearly 14,000 employees. Jacob identified a specific set of four mindsets and five skills that all leaders need to guide themselves, their teams and their organizations to success. In this session, we explore why and how leadership is changing, what these particular mindsets and skills are, and how attendees can practice them. Participants can expect lots of stories, insights and research-backed findings. Speaker(s): Jacob Morgan, International Best-selling Author, Keynote

Speaker, Professionally Trained Futurist; Founder, FutureOfWorkUniversity.com