On-Demand HR Power Lunch: Recruitment Trends in 2023

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Every employer looks at talent acquisition from a different lens, however there are common TOP trends employers look for when it comes to
seeking talent in 2023. Learn what employers are looking for when attracting talent and why it's important to stay ahead of the game.
This includes:
Company Culture:

  • I would say the number thing that employers are looking is cultural fit yes, an applicant should have the required skills, however can the applicant FIT into the company's culture. Can they work well with our team ?

Core Competencies:

  • Does that applicant have the core requirements. Have they proven they can do the job? And can they communicate their past work experience effectively.

Social Media Presence:

  • Believe it or not, organizations are googling your social media presence during the interview process. I have seen cases where an awkward picture or comment on Twitter can ruin your chances of landing your dream job.

Education and Designations:

  • Many organizations value post-secondary education and any certifications and designations will help separate you from the crowd.

Positive and Engaged Applicants:

  • Employers will assess cultural fit and look to hire someone with a positive attitude. Someone with the willingness to learn new skills and pivot when needed. Employers are also looking for employees that are engaged and believe In a company's product or service.