*HRPA Summer Conference - FULL

HR Power Lunch

Emerging Stronger:
Burnout, Re-opening Workplaces and the Evolution of Culture

Today’s HR Professionals are faced with the constant demands of a disrupted world of work. More than a year into a global pandemic, businesses are returning their focus to more pervasive workplace issues that are having immediate impact on employee wellbeing, engagement, and organizational performance. This Summer Conference aims to address some of the biggest issues facing organizations today and equip HR professionals to help lead their workplaces into the future.


The World Health Organization now recognizes “burnout” as an occupational phenomenon. The syndrome is included in the agency’s handbook of medical diagnoses, which guides health professionals around the world.

Burnout can cost Ontario businesses millions of dollars each year in increased medical costs, and lost productivity. During COVID-19 the risk of burnout in employees has been exacerbated by blurred work/life divisions, and greater physical and emotional demands on essential workers. HR Professionals will learn how their organizations can prevent and manage burnout and identify and respond to it quickly if it does happen.


HR Professionals are being tasked to develop fair, safe and compliant policies and practices to prepare their organizations and its leaders to reopen the workplace. Vaccinations, masking, occupancy restrictions, work refusals, and more. There is much to consider and prepare for, and even more questions being asked. HR Professionals will benefit from expertise on policy development, and legal and ethical considerations to help prepare their organizations to reopen workplaces in a safe and responsible way.


Culture has emerged during the pandemic as critically important to organizational sustainability, resilience, and adaptability. Lily Zheng said at the HRPA 2021 Annual Conference that “trust is the currency of change in organizations.” And what organization hasn’t undergone massive change in the last year? This theme will explore how culture can be strengthened for the benefit of all who operate within it. HR Professionals will be equipped with the latest insights, evidence-based research and resources on culture aimed to strengthen, develop and transform.

Why attend:

  • Gain the latest insights and information to support your business and prepare for a safe re-opening
  • Learn from leading experts on today’s most pressing workplace issues
  • Hear how to safeguard your organization from risk and help unlock human potential
  • Address burnout issues, improve employee morale and performance
  • Collaborate with and learn from other HR professionals facing similar workplace challenges

Who should attend?

  • HR Specialists, HR Generalists, HR Managers, HR Directors, HR Business Partners
  • Organizational Development Professionals and others who lead or execute OD strategies and programs in their organizations
  • Business Leaders who are responsible for employee wellbeing, employee engagement, leadership, and policy development