#203 – (Masterclass) Creating a Culture of Regeneration

HR Power Lunch

​The 21st century challenges of vast and rapid change, the issues of social and racial systemic bias, COVID and the social disconnection of the workforce have significantly destabilized many organizational cultures. We need to redefine and redesign cultures to ensure that we are creating organizations that are inclusive, that will allow humans to heal from our current state of upheaval, and redefine what success and productivity look like. We will explore the key factors needed for organizations to heal and create a culture of regeneration, for the individual, team, and organization as a whole.


Dr. Amanda Matejicek, PhD, ACC, Co-creator, People in Business Inc.

Amanda is creative, compassionate, and dynamic. She intertwines the drivers of humanity with the drivers of business. With a PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, she supports individuals, teams, and organizations to hone their emotional, social, and adaptive intelligence to harness the human potential in organizations. As a consultant, Amanda builds trusting and supportive relationships with her clients through her straightforward and compassionate approach to personal growth and organizational transformation.

With over 20 years as an organizational consultant, she has extensive experience in creating and sustaining transformational change through large-scale initiatives, leadership and talent development programs, succession planning, as well as individual and leadership alignment coaching.

Dr. Tatijana Busic, PhD, CPsych, Co-creator, People in Business Inc.

​Tatijana marries the art and science of human emotion and behaviour to how individuals, dyads, and teams think, feel, relate and behave at work. As a psychologist and an organizational consultant, her passion is to support individuals, organizations, and communities to build healthy relationships through harnessing emotional and social intelligence. She is also a trauma and stress expert and provide services to individuals, teams, and organizations that foster psychological healing, resilience, and the motivation for growth. Her goal is to optimize human potential in organizations and to build psychologically safe, culturally brave, and racially and socially just organizations while supporting organizations to meet 21st century demands and business objectives.

Tatijana is a licensed clinical and organizational psychologist with over 15 years of private practice experience in psychological assessments and interventions with individuals, dyads, and organizations. She has guest lectured in organizations and universities on the psycho-biology of stress and adaptive change processes, and has been featured in the Harvard Business Review and the Rotman School of Management.