#205 Psychological Safety at Work (Masterclass)

Fall Conference 2021

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#205 Psychological Safety at Work

Join international expert Sajel Bellon, in exploring how we might better deal with the implications of long-term occupational stress caused by our rapidly changing situations. Although our human bodies and minds are wired to respond quickly to short-lived crises, they are not prepared to survive or thrive under long-term stress situations, like a pandemic. The current COVID-19 pandemic has required navigating major accelerated shifts in our experiences, along with creating prolonged situations of high stress and constant adaptations at work and home.

In other words, people had to quickly adapt to their new reality, often resulting in mass exhaustion, frustration, sadness, and anger. As our windows of tolerance have become much smaller, we have witnessed increases in workplace anxiety, domestic instability, and suicide rates. The consequences of these traumas will not disappear overnight or automatically. No matter our profession, chronic stress is now a collective human experience. In light of this, this vital session will provide essential tools to support our collective goal of moving from a state of just surviving to re-imagined ways of thriving.

Speaker(s): Sajel Bellon, Ed.D., RP., CTSS, Founder of Mind Armour® & S.O.S Psychotherapy