#305 – Driving the Future: HR Strategies to Thrive

HR Power Lunch

​The last year has accelerated many of the future of work trends by anything between 5 and 10 years making it a challenging but exciting time to be in HR. As you reflect on the last 12 months, how resilient are your HR strategies to proactively manage a future where the only thing we can likely predict is continued disruption and uncertainty?

Join former CHRO’s Mark Edgar and Naomi Titleman from future foHRward, who will share with you their unique perspective on the key trends that are impacting work and how these changes could impact your HR strategy. The session will combine rich insights and best practices curated from future foHRward’s weekly newsletter foHRsight, with the opportunity to get “hands-on” by exploring the implications for you and your role ensuring you leave with some practical take-aways.

Speakers: Mark Edgar, Co-Founder, future foHRward; Naomi Titleman Colla, Co-Founder, future foHRward