AC2021 - 109: Virtual Reality: Managing a Remote Workplace

2021 Annual Conference

Member: $25.00
Non-Member: $35.00

Qualifies for CPD hours - Organizational Effectiveness - Talent Management - Workforce Planning

Being forced to set up a remote workplace amid the COVID-19 pandemic caused many employers and employees to realize that it is possible. From video calls to remote logins to programs like Microsoft Teams, we figured it out quickly. Now that we know we can do it, many organizations will want to continue this trend. It saves office space costs, provides flexibility, eliminates lengthy commutes, and has a positive impact on the environment. But it is not without legal challenges.  In this session we will explore those challenges and how to respond.

Learning Objectives

  • what policies are important in managing a virtual workforce
  • your obligations around harassment, violence and domestic violence when employees are working from home
  • health and safety concerns like ergonomic workspaces
  • confidentiality and privacy issues
  • managing employees’ hours of work – from too much to too little

Lauren Bernardi

Lawyer & Human Resource Advisor
Bernardi Human Resource Law LLP

When she founded Bernardi Human Resource Law in 1995, Lauren set out to provide proactive employment law and HR advisory services. Her goal was to keep employers out of legal hot water and to help them maximize their human capital. Lauren epitomizes the firm’s slogan: forward thinking at work. She combines her expertise as an employment lawyer with her on-the-ground experience working with organizations and individuals to help her clients develop optimal solutions to complex workplace challenges. A prolific writer, Lauren is the author of a leading book on workplace policies: POWERFUL EMPLOYMENT POLICIES published by Carswell. Lauren has also written numerous articles on HR law for various business publications and has been a frequent guest expert on CBC Radio’s Ontario Today.

In addition to her work with Bernardi, Lauren developed and teaches HRPA’s highly popular: Workplace Investigations Certificate Program and co-chaired the Law Society of Ontario’s workplace investigations summit. Lauren also regularly trains HR professionals and managers on how to conduct investigations.