#203 Concurrent Session - Evolving Human Connections with Recognition and PS

Summer Conference 2022

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As the world of work evolves, psychological safety has become ever more critical. At its core, psychological safety is about feeling comfortable bringing your whole, human self to work. For employers, it’s about empowerment and trusting teams to do the jobs they were hired to do.

One way to prioritize psychological safety is through a culture of recognition. A new Gallop report indicates that recognition drives impact by improving the employee experience. Recognition has the most impact when it is authentic – but only about a third of survey participants strongly agree that the workplace recognition they get meets this bar.

Recognition only works when you do it right. So how can organizations create an authentic, supportive environment  that allows employees to engage, innovate and flourish while building trust with their leaders? Attend this session to learn how to infuse gratitude, recognition and appreciation into the employee life cycle, in order to create an inclusive and psychologically safe environment in your organization.

Speaker(s): Dr. Meisha-Ann Martin, Senior Director, People Analytics and Research, Workhuman