On-Demand Webcast: Preparing for Minimum Wage Increases: Strategies Employers Can Implement Now and in the Future

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Starts:11/06/2017 8:00 AM

Ends:11/06/2056 8:00 AM

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News media have actively shared reports from public policy groups, opposition from employer associations, and the concerns of Ontario employers about the potential downside effects of planned significant increases to the minimum wage schedule that will take effect in January of 2018 and 2019. 

Human Resource practitioners, particularly those engaged in organizations with large contingent workforces and those within low-wage sectors, are being called upon by senior management to provide solutions that will simultaneously contain labour costs, comply with these new wage rates, and avoid wage compression.  Meeting all of those objectives is a tall order indeed.

This program is intended to assist human resource practitioners to identify ways in which their organization may balance issues of efficiency and fairness when complying with new minimum wages.  While the focus will be on compensation strategies to address pay structure issues, suggestions will be provided concerning other human resources strategies that might be employed in the short term and over the longer term.


Learning objectives:

Participants will take away:

  • A range of compensation strategies for altering or adjusting pay structures to mitigate the impacts of minimum wage increases in their organization;
  • Increased awareness of efficiency, fairness and compliance considerations in adjusting the pay structure;
  • Suggestions for addressing minimum wage issues through other human resource strategies.


Who should attend?

Human resources practitioners and compensation specialists; owners/managers of smaller businesses who are without an in-house human resources advisor.

Speaker bio(s)
Speaker Gail Lawrence

Gail Lawrence, CHRP, CHRL, Consultant

Gail Lawrence is owner and consultant with Equity and More, where her consulting practice is focused on Total Rewards management. With 30-plus years as a practitioner and consultant, she brings a generalist background in most aspects of human resources to her work, as well as specialist expertise in system design, implementation and evaluation. Over the past few months, Gail has worked with several of her small public and private-sector client organizations to assist them in devising pay structure adjustments in response to the proposed changes to the minimum wage.

Ms. Lawrence holds Bachelor of Administration (BAdmin.) and Master of Science in Management (MSc.Mgt.) degrees from Lakehead University and is a CHRL (Certified Human Resources Leader).

Speaker Kathy Sanderson

Kathy Sanderson, Professor

Dr. Kathy Sanderson is an Assistant Professor at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. She teaches human resources and organizational behaviour. Prior to joining the university, she accumulated 25 years of management experience within organizations that were dependent upon minimum wage workers and government funding.