On-Demand Webcast: Living for the Long Weekend: Public Holidays in Ontario

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Starts:02/16/2017 12:00 AM

Ends:02/16/2056 11:30 PM

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​​​Let's face it: everybody loves a long weekend, and why shouldn't you? Well, for HR professionals and employers, it's a bit more complicated than just extra time off. The laws surrounding public holidays in Ontario are not as simple as taking a three-day weekend each month. There are industry-specific and very particular laws regarding who is entitled to public holidays, and what employees are entitled to when a public holiday occurs. This session will cover the ins and outs of public holiday law under provincial and federal law, so you can learn how to ensure that your workplace is in compliance with applicable employment standards legislation.


Learning objectives:

  • Understand which holidays are covered by legislation (the list might surprise you).
  • Understand when an employee can be required to work public holidays, and when they must they be given a day off.
  • Learn what to do if an employee refuses to work on a public holiday.
  • Learn how employees without steady income are paid for public holidays.
  • Understand what happens if an employee is not scheduled to work on a public holiday.
  • Learn how employees are compensated for public holidays.


Who should attend?

Anyone who has employees that do not work a standard 9-5 every week, or just wants to know more about public holiday laws. ​​​

Speaker bio(s)
Marc Kitay

Employment & Labour lawyer Marc Kitay is always looking for the next big challenge. Having traversed the mountains of New Zealand, deserts of Israel and the jungles of Peru, Marc is familiar with the “drive” it takes to get the job done right, a quality that he brings to the table when representing his clients.

Marc joined Whitten & Lublin in 2015 and regularly represents employees on all types of workplace disputes, including dismissal claims and human rights claims, with an emphasis on litigation. A firm believer that work is tantamount to a person’s sense of self-worth and integrity, Marc is particularly adept at handling claims of religious accommodation and disability in the workplace.

Marc also advises employers on best practices to ensure compliance with employment standards and human rights legislation, and prepares employment contracts designed to survive judicial scrutiny.

Before joining Whitten & Lublin, Marc built and ran his own successful law practice, working with clientele who valued his hard work, empathy and personal touch. Marc enjoys public speaking and frequently conducts seminars, webinars and lectures on critical issues and employment law including employment standards, human rights, employment contracts and risk mitigation strategies.

Marc earned his juris doctor at the University of Western Ontario, where he served as President of the Labour and Employment Law Society, volunteered as a caseworker at the school’s Community Legal Services clinic, and worked as a research assistant for a law professor.