West Toronto and York: 11.24.20 *JOINT VIRTUAL EVENT* How to Talk About Race

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Starts:11/24/2020 6:30 PM

Ends:11/24/2020 7:45 PM

Event Type: Webcast

1 Hour(s)



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York & West Toronto: 11.24.20 *JOINT VIRTUAL EVENT* How to Talk About Race


6:30 pm - Introduction, webinar rules, bio - MC
6:35 pm - Speaker presentation Q&A
7:45 pm - Event Concludes

Event Description: 

Organizations do not exist in a vacuum. What is happening in the external world has a direct impact on employees and shapes the treatment of employees in the workplace. Yet too often, workplaces are silent about racial inequities and their impact, often from a position that the workplace is not an appropriate venue for such conversations. This silence can be interpreted in a range of ways, from indifference to acceptance.

Race and racism are at the heart of many of the systemic, long-standing problems in the workplace, and conversations about race and racism need to happen in a comprehensive and authentic way. Dr Hadiya Roderique will share how to have open and honest conversations about race, exclusion, and inclusion in the workplace. She explores ways in which we can and must have conversations that honour the depth and complexity of this issue, ones that actually move us towards equity and a true meritocracy.

Speaker Bio: 

Dr Hadiya Roderique

As a young, black woman working as a lawyer on Bay Street, Dr Hadiya Roderique delivered a wake-up call to corporate Canada in the form of her Globe and Mail feature essay, "Black on Bay Street.” Shared more than 13,000 times on Facebook, with the accompanying video watched more than 250,000 times, Roderique’s think piece sparked discussion in boardrooms across Canada. In her thought-provoking talks, she discusses barriers and challenges to diversity and inclusion and counters those common arguments to show the power behind a diverse and inclusive workplace.