**CANCELLED** Toronto: 04.03.20 - Executive Impact Innovation - Transcend Your Limiting Beliefs

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Starts:04/03/2020 11:30 AM

Ends:04/03/2020 1:30 PM

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Yorkville Conference Center 150 Bloor St W, 2nd FL Toronto, ON




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Toronto: 04.03.20 - Executive Impact: Innovation Think Tank - Transcend Your Limiting Beliefs to Transform Your Business

The business world is centered by underlying belief systems. These belief systems must often be challenged to bring about successful organizational transformation. Two of them, in particular, need a focus.

The first one is a belief system around scarcity: of resources, time, cash, and of quality people. The second is around the vision of (Wo-) Man: we are born with a unique set of potential skills and there is a difference between us.

What if these assumptions were turned upside down? What would an organization be like that works under the belief system of abundance instead of scarcity and that (Wo-) Man is good, no matter what?

Jean-Baptiste Dernoncourt, previously a senior executive of European Retail Giant Carrefour and now the CEO of Copap, a Canadian supply chain financing house in emerging markets, will discuss these kinds of organizations, named Liberated or Teal, and how he transformed the businesses.  He will share his experience on the reasons why this approach works, the pitfalls and the key elements of this highly individualized transformation process.

This executive think tank session will explore:

  • How your inner world directly impacts the performance of your organization
  • What can be done if you’re not comfortable with the ways of your company
  • How beliefs affect your bottom line.... and why the best way to make it improve is actually not to care

Doubts, being symptoms of beliefs, will be appreciated as a gift to move forward and reach a meaningful collective moment.


Speaker Bio


Jean-Baptiste Dernoncourt 

Jean-Baptiste Dernoncourt is a retail executive who in a five-year term as CEO led Carrefour’s Romanian business to double in size, from 1 to 2Bn. He has worked in multicultural environments from France to China to Eastern Europe. He was appointed as CEO of Carrefour Romania in 2013 at the age of 32. 

In 2017 he added the title of Chief Digital Officer for Northeast Europe, leading the digital transformation from IT and Supply Chain to Marketing, e-commerce and omnichannel strategy for Carrefour. Born in Paris, he did his undergraduate studies in Toulouse. He holds a Master’s degree in Strategy from ESCP Europe and is conversant in six languages. 

Currently he heads Copap, a Canadian trading house whose purpose is to link mid to large companies from emerging countries to the best supply chains of the world. His first book – ‘Defeating Dracula, a Retail Giant’s Quest for Freedom and Trust’ – will be published by Rosetta Books late fall 2020. The book is available for bulk pre-order in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Romanian worldwide.

Session Agenda

11:30am  Registration and Networking
12:00pm  Buffet Luncheon
12:30pm  Speaker Presentation and Peer Discussion
1:30pm  Presentation Concludes