On-Demand Webcast: Preparing for Legalized Cannabis

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Starts:05/10/2018 8:00 AM

Ends:05/10/2056 8:00 AM

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How do you balance the responsibility to keep your workplace safe and productive with your employees' right to privacy? How does medical cannabis factor into the equation?

How employers can practically manage in this changing landscape? What does legal cannabis mean for your workplace?


Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand what legalized cannabis means for Canadians;
  • To understand the responsibilities of HR professionals related to legalize cannabis;
  • To plan for policies to have in place prior to legalization.

Speaker bio(s)
Jay Rosenthal, Co-Founder & President, Business of Cannabis

Fascinated by the emerging cannabis industry in Canada, Jay Rosenthal co-founded Business of Cannabis (BofC) in early 2017. Since then, BofC has become the go-to source for research, context and insight into the dynamic, ever-changing landscape of the Canadian cannabis sector. In addition to being a contributor to Huffington Post and Civilized Life, Jay is a sought-after media source, regularly contributing to the Business News Network, CBC, CTV and the Globe and Mail. He has become a thoughtful voice in the cannabis sector and penned various opinion pieces including: “How to Have the New 'Weed Talk' with Your Kids” - Civilized.Life, “Trump Could Use NAFTA To Bully Canada's Emerging Weed Industry” - Huffington Post and “The Cannabis Industry Must Earn the Trust of Canadians” - Globe and Mail.