HR Power Lunch: Have Your Say, Get Your Way

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Starts:06/06/2024 12:00 PM

Ends:06/06/2024 1:30 PM

Registration Closes:06/05/2024 8:00 AM

Event Type: Webinar Series

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HRPA Ottawa & District Chapter is pleased to host this HR Power Lunch webinar.

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You are a busy Human Relations professional with great ideas and expertise you want to share. Knowing when and how to say your piece will make or break your projects and impact your career.

In this fast-paced session, you will grab tools to help you decide if it is time to speak up or step away.

Do you remember a time when you wish you had spoken up? Maybe you had a great idea, but no one in the boardroom heard it. Or worse yet, someone else blurted out what you wanted to say and got all the credit. Have you ever been so upset about something that you just couldn’t find the words to productively express yourself, so you either exploded in anger or burst into tears? Maybe you walked away in avoidance, resignation or frustration? On that very day, you wanted to have your say, to share your expertise, to stand your ground and be heard; you just didn’t know how.

With the “IDEAL Say It System”, you’ll know when and how to speak up or walk away, and do it all without regret. You’ll be equipped to influence the decision-makers in your life and step into your role as a leader.


1) Decisively determine if it’s best to speak up or step down, even in sticky HR situations.

2) Influence decision-makers (get your expertise heard). The system you learn can be used to help you build business cases to defend your viewpoint

3) Foster honest and authentic relationships and respectful workplaces. By speaking up respectfully, you model to others not only how to do so, but that it's safe to do so.

You will learn how to demonstrate the values and work culture your organization wants to create. You will position yourself as a leader not just in HR, but in your whole organization (and doing so affects your career opportunities).

Effectively get your voice heard and your influence felt as you are now able to present your contrary viewpoint and feedback, respectfully and in a way that it will be heard.

The bonus is that doing all this results in decreasing stress, frustration and regret in what you said or didn’t say. You will be more effective speaking up on HR issues for yourself and for those who don't feel comfortable or able to speak up for themselves.

This session will help you position yourself as a leader deserving to be heard


Noon to 1:30 PM Presentation

Registration Difficulties or Questions: Please reach out to our Chapter Experience Coordinator Tammy Williams

Speaker bio(s)
Marion Grobb Finkelstein

Marion Grobb Finkelstein helps leaders build healthy and productive workplaces by leveraging your innate communication skills. Today, HR pros are required to do more than ever before. Their communication skills are critical in getting their messages heard and serving others. All of Marion's sessions provide proven, practical, and powerful techniques to help you release your leader within. You will put what you learn to action. You and your colleagues gain step-by-step solutions to your most time-consuming, energy-sucking, and budget-guzzling leadership communication challenges. It all begins with how you talk to yourself and ends with how you talk to others. As a certified personality assessment specialist, award-winning leader, and former Director Communications for national organizations, Marion walks her talk. She gives you insights on why and how you can use your personal strengths to communicate like a leader.