Thousand Islands: 02.23.2021 Complexities of Navigating Discrimination-Based Complaints in the Workplace

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Starts:02/23/2021 6:30 PM

Ends:02/23/2021 8:00 PM

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Thousand Islands Chapter: February 23, 2021 Complexities of Navigating Discrimination-Based Complaints in the Workplace

Many organizations don't adequately address the fallout that occurs when situations arise that impact equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace. This impact occurs when allegations arise during investigations and after investigations are concluded when many organizations falsely believe it's back to business as usual.

This session will explore the complexity of dealing with certain misconduct allegations and incidents, such as those that involve discriminatory harassment, microaggressions, microinvalidations and exclusion, and how to pre-empt the significant relationship and reputational damage, and setbacks to diversity and inclusion initiatives, that can result when these situations arise in the workplace

Join Laura Williams of Williams HR Law and Williams HR Consulting to explore how to properly address, escalate and resolve discrimination based allegations in the workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Through relevant, real world case studies, explore the complexities of misconduct allegations that relate to diversity and inclusion

  • Discuss practical strategies and methods to address complex misconduct allegations in a manner that minimizes workplace fallout

  • Identify how to proactively set conduct expectations to mitigate discrimination-related risks

  • Explore methods to contain the negative impact of EDI- related allegations on the workplace and steps that can be taken to restore morale and culture


6:30 PM Welcome and Chapter Update

6:35 Presentation

7:35 Questions and Answers

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8:00 PM Adjournment

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Laura  Williams

Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Speaker, HR Business Consultant, Workplace Investigator, Thought Leader As the founder and principal of Williams HR Law and Williams HR Consulting Inc., Laura boasts more than two decades of experience providing strategic advice and legal representation to employers across virtually all industries. Laura is widely recognized as a leader in helping organizations leverage innovative, proactive strategies to reduce liability and costs resulting from ineffective and noncompliant workplace practices. Laura has been named on the Canadian Business Magazine’s W100, and in 2018 Williams HR Law was honoured with the Labour and Employment Boutique Law Firm of the Year award.