Niagara: ABM & Improve Your Communication Skills - Improve your Effectiveness

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Starts:05/12/2021 6:00 PM

Ends:05/12/2021 7:45 PM

1.5 Hour(s)



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Niagara: ABM & Improve Your Communication Skills - Improve your Effectiveness


6:00pm: Opening Remarks & ABM presentation

6:15pm: Speaker Presentation

7:15pm: Questions & Answers

7:45pm: Event Concludes


As an HR Professional you are often the first point of contact or the window into the organization. Knowing how to present yourself in a positive way is a skill that will help you maximize your potential while positively contributing to your organizations brand. Understanding the laws of human nature, our biology, managing emotions, assessing your biases, habits and health, learning how to connect and the power of nonverbal communications will set you up for success. Practicing what I share will improve your communication skills, leadership presence and effectiveness in hiring and developing teams.


You will learn: 

1. Become a more effective and powerful Communicator

2. How to detect red flags when hiring- Minimize bad hires

3. How to manage the human judging process and improve your personal brand.

Speaker bio(s)
Barbara Devine, President

Barbara Devine is a multi-award winner with over 35 years of successful sales. executive and coaching experience. Before founding her own company, Barbara worked for some of the most recognized brands in Canada. She is passionate about sharing how you can positively improve your results. Her coaching is nontraditional, innovative and backed by science and research. Focusing on what matters which is your image, wellness, non-verbal communication skills and your ability to connect with others is her expertise. She is the author of “Image is Everything.”