Niagara 02.24.21 VIRTUAL How to Maintain Pay Equity in a Practical Sense

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Starts:02/24/2021 6:00 PM

Ends:02/24/2021 7:30 PM

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Niagara 02.24.21 VIRTUAL How to Maintain Pay Equity in a Practical Sense


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Pay Equity in Ontario should be part of an organization’s overall compensation philosophy, legally and strategically. Pay Equity ensures that female predominant job classes are compensated at least equivalent to a male job class of equal or comparable value to an organization (it is not equal pay for equal work). Ontario’s Pay Equity legislation is unique and has a number of requirements that need to be met. Maintaining a formal pay structure in an organization leads to many benefits in addition to meeting Pay Equity requirements: - Employee satisfaction (internal equity) - Attracting new talent and retaining talent - Competitive market positioning - Ongoing cost management (controlling hiring costs) - Marketing opportunities The event will focus on developing and maintaining a Pay Equity Plan that combines the requirements of Pay Equity with competitive market benchmarking to create a compensation structure that enables your organization to maintain market competitiveness and compliance.


  • Provide an understanding of Pay Equity and responsibilities of an organization
  •  Provide basics for building a Market Based compensation structure that is Pay Equity compliant
  • Provide a strategy for maintaining Pay Equity as part of your hiring strategy and annual compensation review

Speaker bio(s)
Ryan  Schnarr, Consultant

Ryan has completed the HRPA Pay Equity Certificate Program and has been performing Pay Equity and Compensation consulting for the past 4 years at HCI Consulting Inc. (HCI). HCI has been a leader in Ontario compensation consulting with a focus on Pay Equity for over 10 years. Ryan has had the opportunity at HCI to learn from some of most experienced Pay Equity consultants and former Ontario Pay Equity Officers who were instrumental in developing and interpreting the Pay Equity legislation. In addition, Ryan is responsible for the development and business operations of the HCI Compensation Tool, a fully automated platform that allows businesses to efficiently and smartly complete a Pay Equity Plan. In addition to Pay Equity and Compensation consulting, Ryan has provided business and product consulting for over 12 years. Past consulting had included strategic planning, online marketing strategies, website development and recruitment solutions. Prior to becoming a consultant Ryan worked in senior product management roles in Canada’s Telecom industry providing strategic direction, profit & loss management and leading cross division teams in the deployment and management of services. Ryan has worked closely with the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce and Centre for Family Business providing seminars and training sessions for groups of 10 to 250 people focusing on helping businesses succeed online. Ryan served on the Board of Directors for the Steckle Heritage Farm in Kitchener. Ryan graduated from the University of Western Ontario with Bachelor of Economics with a focus on business.