Northern ON 05.12.21 VIRTUAL ABM and Your Attitude l Ultimately it is Your Choice

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Starts:05/12/2021 5:00 PM

Ends:05/12/2021 6:30 PM

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Northern ON 05.12.21 VIRTUAL ABM and Your Attitude l  Ultimately it is Your Choice

How important is your attitude? VERY IMPORTANT!  

At any given moment of your life, you decide what is your attitude- essentially, how you respond to people, situations, and things around you. Ultimately, you decide how you show up for the world- at work, at home, at the bank, at the grocery store,…. Changing your attitude can literally change your life in so many amazing ways. 

Like a positive attitude, a negative attitude can be contagious, so make those negative attitudes positive ones, especially in the workplace.  Let’s face it- it is not uncommon for an organization to have one or more employees that are known for their negative attitude towards the workplace. Some employees have a negative perspective that pervades your business. Yet, some employees who have negative attitudes aren’t doing anything particularly wrong or doesn’t mean he or she is a lost cause.  

Research shows that most people have a bad habit of believing they can’t do anything, they talk themselves out of doing something, and will start behaving this way.  If this is you—stop it and be a model for your staff! If it is your employees- what do you do?

In this session, several tips and strategies will be presented that will surely empower and guide you to improve not only your attitude but also the level of optimism at your workplace.


  • Learn the three different concepts that become components of one’s attitude. 
  • Learn techniques and strategies to change attitudes in the workplace.
  • Learn key tips for speaking to an employee with an attitude issue. 
  • Be better equipped to assist supervisors/leaders with correcting the behaviors caused by poor workplace attitude.
  • Understand the importance of employees’ attitudes in an organization and how a positive attitude impacts performance at work.

Speaker bio(s)
Melanie Verreault

Melanie is an accomplished professional with diverse managerial experience. Since the late 1990s, Melanie has excelled in management positions within the private/public sectors. Melanie has been a part-time faculty member with Laurentian University (Native Studies/Social Work Department) since 2000, and, respectively, with Northern College (Social Services and Business Administration) from 2004 to 2012. Melanie worked in collaboration with the Indigenous Studies Department of Laurentian University in developing the first French Undergraduate Program in Indigenous Studies. Melanie is the President of her own management consulting company, Trimeda Consulting Inc. Since its inception, Melanie’s consulting firm has worked with various professionals, specifically in the areas of strategic planning and development, policy development, and business coaching. One of her main portfolios is corporate training and public speaking where she specializes in leadership and management development, customer service excellence, corporate wellness, mental health first aid, and team building, to name a few. Since 2016, Melanie has occupied a seat on the Board of the Timmins Chamber of Commerce. Moving from 2nd to first vice-chair in 20182019 respectively, Melanie finds herself in the honorable position of Board President. Melanie is also a member of the Timmins and District Hospital Board of Governors, Northern College’s Indigenous Council and the City of Timmins’ Indigenous Advisory Committee. Since 2015 and in partnership with one of her siblings, Melanie became the owner of four Fuel and Service Stations within the Timmins and District area. Melanie possesses an honors BA in Psychologie and Native Studies an MA in Humanities and an MBA. In addition, she is a Corporate Coach and Performance Motivator. In terms of leisure and self-care, Melanie teaches spin and other fitness classes at a local gym and enjoys time with her son and spouse as well as her cats.