Durham: 02.10.21 *Virtual*A Reality Check: Your Employee Engagement is only a reflection of your Employee Experience.

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Starts:02/10/2021 8:00 AM

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Durham: 02.10.21 A Reality Check: Your Employee Engagement is only a reflection of your Employee Experience.

Employee engagement is an overused term & causes much confusion. One study from England identified over 50 different definitions of EE. Academics define the concepts very differently than how HR practitioner define EE. With so many meanings/definitions who are you to believe? We have all heard he surveys remind us engagement is low & disengagement is too high. Yes, have trouble in River City! To be engaged is something every employer hopes every employee will be for the company. The reality of working remotely has further complicated the employee understanding of the employee experience. What is the impact on working virtually on the employee experience and in turn engagement of the employee? The essence of the issues is this: employee experience (EX) and employee engagement (EE) are inseparably linked, it is becoming profusely clear that companies concentrated on EE alone haven’t been doing enough to recognize the factors motivating it, EX principal among them. Reality is if the company can retain their staff & meet the company objectives it is the right place to those employees to work. What makes one place a desired location to work for one person will not be the same for every potential employee. Hence, from a practical perspective, what is a great work environment for some might not be a great work environment for others.

Participants will learn: 

How to ask the correct questions to understand the definition of EX for your company. 

How has working remotely impacted the EX? 

Differentiate between the concepts and how they impact EE for EE, EVP, EVLP and EX 

Understand the drivers of EX is the alignment between what executives say they will do to treat people and what they and other managers actually do

Know the six key factors that determine EE that lead to productivity and innovation along with retention. 

Be able to put all the rhetoric about EX, EE, and consultant-speak, into some perspective


8:00  am Introductions 

8:00 am Speaker Presentation 

9:45 am Q&A 

10:00 am Adjournment

During registration, please consider the donation option. Donated funds collected through this event registration will be equally divided between Indspireand Black Youth Helpline, preferred charities identified by HRPA members in a recent survey.

Speaker bio(s)
David Cohen, Principle Consultant / Owner

Dr. Cohen's background spans both the fields of corporate consulting and education. He has consulted with a diverse group of industries in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. Dr. Cohen is considered a thought leader in the design of integrated human resources processes consistent with the corporate vision, values, behaviours and business plan of each client. In addition, he has focused on assisting corporations through the development and delivery of leadership and management development programs specific to their culture and strategic business plan.

Dr. Cohen founded Strategic Action Group Ltd. in 1991. Prior to creating Strategic Action Group, Ltd. he was a consultant with a number of other Toronto based consulting firms in the area of organizational and leadership development.

Dr. Cohen holds a doctorate in Education from Boston University, focused on adolescent behaviour and humanistic development. As part of his post-graduate study, he completed independent doctoral studies at the Harvard School of Education.