Durham: 10.21.20 *Virtual*COVID-19 Edition of Mental Health in the Workplace

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Starts:10/21/2020 6:05 PM

Ends:10/21/2020 8:00 PM

Event Type: Webcast

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Durham: 10.21.20 *Virtual* COVID-19 Edition of Mental Health in the Workplace

This seminar/webinar will discuss overall Mental Health in the Workplace (Quarantine and Post-Quarantine). Members will learn more about understanding how Depression & Anxiety look like during the pandemic. How to recognize the signs of Depression and Anxiety in ourselves, and when to seek out support. Support will include both professional internal/external resources, and self-care strategies.

Participants will learn:

  • Understanding what Depression and Anxiety is and what it can look like, 
  • How to recognize the signs of Depression and Anxiety , 
  • Learn where to seek support

6:05 pm: Welcome and Introductions

6:15 pm:  Speaker Presentations

7:35 pm:  Q & A 

8:00 pm: Adjournment

During registration, please consider the donation option. Donated funds collected through this event registration will be equally divided between Indspire and Black Youth Helpline, preferred charities identified by HRPA members in a recent survey.

Speaker bio(s)
Christina  Fuda

Christina has been an Mental Health First Aid instructor for over 3 years now and have trained over 3000 people in the basic course since 2015.She receives 96% positive feedback from her participants, and has been featured on Breakfast Television and Global News to talk about the benefits of this amazing training. Christina currently trains on behalf of Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, one of only four Mental Health Hospitals in the province of Ontario. She has trained across the province, from Thunder Bay to Niagara Falls and everything in between. HR professionals, and first responders are her favorite groups to train, helping them to identify mental health issues in themselves or their employees. Christina has a Masters degree in Developmental Neuroscience and a Bachelors degree in Psychology. She has taught at the University level and considers teaching as my ultimate strength.