An Introduction to Organizational Design:Systemic Solutions to Human Resourcing Issues

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Starts:09/22/2020 8:00 AM

Ends:09/29/2020 11:00 AM

Event Type: Workshop

7 CPD Hours Hour(s)

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This event offered in virtual format

September 22, 2020 - Module 1: 8:00AM-3:00PM (ET)

September 29, 2020 - Module 2: 9:00AM – 11:00AM (ET)

Building a resilient organization begins with building a strong foundation. Understanding the principles and practices of organizational design allows HR practitioners to prevent organizational challenges before they happen. Further, with this new lens of understanding, you will have a powerful tool to discover opportunities for organizational improvement, and to diagnose the root causes of stubborn human resources challenges.

In this session, explore organizational design and learn how it will help improve your strategic perspective on getting work done through people. Join Tony Welsh, EVP, Design at Forrest & Company Limited, a 25+ year veteran of using organizational design to build stronger and better organizations.


Please note that this program is designed for those at a more senior HR level with decision-making capability within their organizations. While the program is open to everyone, we find it is most beneficial to those who are able to implement some of the learnings they gain.


Learning objectives:

  • Understand universal organizational design principles and practices
  • Gain a more strategic perspective on human resources opportunities and barriers
  • Understand the advantages of organizational design versus organic organizational growth
  • Understand the important relationship between roles and strategy
  • Learn a model that connects strategy to structure to roles to individuals


Who should attend?

  • HR Managers and above, with an accountability to improve organizational effectiveness
  • Any HR professional interested in learning a holistic perspective on human capital issues would be welcome.

Graduates of the HRPA HR Business Partner Certificate, should note that this programming is very similar to “Organizational Design and Capability”, Day 2 of the HR Business Partner course


Speaker bio(s)
Tony Welsh, Executive Vice-President, Design, Forrest & Company Limited

Tony Welsh brings over 30 years of training, design and organizational development experience to Forrest & Company Limited. Forrest specializes in customized solutions that test Tony’s genius to precisely match the requirements of a client to the specifics of a program.

Tony is an expert process facilitator and has delivered – and designed – many Forrest programs, including the renowned Leadership Path™. Tony was the lead designer of the Human Resources Business Partner Program, Forrest’s Leadership Suite™ and Effective Thinking Suite™, now in public offering through training partners. He is certified in Effective Intelligence™.

A favoured speaker, Tony has conducted seminars and webinars on performance management, employee engagement, and talent management for HRPA members; been interviewed by The Globe and Mail – Report on Business, and conducted a webinar on decision making for Canadian HR Reporter Magazine.

Tony retired from the Canadian Army Reserves at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Whenever he can find the time, Tony enjoys camping and hiking and, having played football in high school, is an enthusiastic follower of the sport. He also dabbles in creative cookery.