Grey Bruce | Halton: Conflict First Aid: Simple, Powerful Skills that Concretely Help AND Keep You Out of the Middle

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Starts:03/10/2022 12:00 PM

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Conflict remains a major stressor for the leaders of any virtual and/or brick and mortar workplace, business, or community. The costs mount fast! Replacing just one skilled member of a team lost to poorly handled issues can easily cost 2 ½ times their annual salary. Any seasoned staff member will tell you: a complaint, concern, or the divisive power of difficult people or groups can be mishandled and become even more ugly, polarized, disruptive, and costly: getting in the way of harmony, performance health and innovation.

So, what’s missing in our already complex systems and skills? Research says most employees or stakeholders are open to participating in any resolution option that feels safe – what is in the way and why don’t more conflicts get easily deescalated and addressed? Where should complaints go so the processes to fix them aren’t so frustrating? How do we know what can be done?

Registration Closes: March 9, 2022 at 8:00 AM.

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This presentation outlines what is missing and the steps to take to fix it. Participants are given all 5 steps to help all affected those fairly and effectively from the outset: doing what works, avoiding what doesn’t and ensuring you stay where you can best help: "out of the middle”!

Using the five simple steps of Conflict First Aid, issues in the way of needed resolution or change are better heard, better handled, and participants can better see costs and stressors stop escalating.

This fast-moving talk demonstrates that it is possible that conflict and complaint processes need a “lowest level” voluntary foundation for any option or form of problem resolution to work.

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Speaker bio(s)
Joan McLeod, Managing Partner

Joan A. McLeod, M.A. is an award-winning speaker, author and conflict specialist. She is proud to have co-founded Conflict First Aid™ and Conflict Navigator, Inc. along with her husband, Bruce: work recognized around the globe. Joan focuses on concrete lessons and tools that ensure psychologically-healthy workplaces, leaders and high performing teams. Much of these capitalize on her “pathfinder workplace” experiences - she was one of the first women dozens of worksites and brought these experiences with her into research and programs that are changing how today’s more diverse and complex organizations tackle the cost and consequences of conflict, complaints and concerns. With 25 years of professional practice, Joan delivers fascinating anecdotes and data from Human Resources, legal, administrative, engineering, call centre, health care and more. Her anecdotes and interactive approach endear her to a wide range of audiences from the front-line to executives. She connects across the leadership spectrum given work in coveralls and small boats to organizational change and research projects that involved tens of thousands. Joan holds a Masters (Royal Roads University) in Conflict Analysis and Management (2002) and certification in coaching, facilitation, mediation, workplace assessment and intervention. She's taught hundreds of workshops in conflict, project and performance management, facilitation and leadership. Joan enjoys life and work in a limestone townhouse in Kingston, Ontario, with Bruce, sons Brodie and Torin and their husky-malamute, Sangha.