On-Demand Webcast: Innovation in Health Benefits & Workplace Wellness: Virtual Healthcare

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Starts:10/16/2018 8:00 AM

Ends:10/16/2056 8:00 AM

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Employers are increasingly looking for innovative benefits options to offer their employees to keep their team healthy, engaged and productive. As digital health technologies continue to grow, virtual healthcare—medical visits by phone, video, or webchat—are being embraced in many other jurisdictions, but uptake has lagged in Canada despite its significant potential.

A new National Workplace Wellness Study of Canadian Employees shows that employees are eager to have more access to digital health services as part of their health benefits plans. This webinar will provide an overview of current usage of digital health technology alongside employees' desired usage, and will introduce HR professionals to the role of "virtual healthcare" benefits in reducing absenteeism and promoting better health and wellness.

This webinar is sponsored by Wello, an organization that provides guidance and support for health decisions.


Learning objectives:

  • Learn about trends in employee health benefits
  • Understand more about employee perspectives on wellness in the workplace
  • Learn about the potential role of virtual healthcare in workplace wellness
  • Learn about ROI on virtual healthcare as part of extended health benefits plans


Who should attend?

HR professionals who are interested in learning about trends in health benefits plans and employee wellness programs.

Speaker bio(s)
Speaker Vince Danielsen

Vince Danielsen

Vince Danielsen is a leading healthcare entrepreneur and the President and CEO of Wello. After 8 years as a Calgary Stampeder (including two Grey Cups), and a hard-won battle against cancer, Vince has been focused on innovating health service delivery in Canada and the United States. An expert on the connection between healthy employees and a healthy and productive workplace, Vince is now working with employers to innovate their health benefits plans with virtual healthcare services that help reduce absenteeism and improve the health of employees.