Grand Valley: 06.23.2020 - The Gig Economy: Implications for Talent (SOLD OUT)

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Starts:06/23/2020 8:00 AM

Ends:06/23/2020 9:30 AM

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Grand Valley: 06.23.2020 - The Gig Economy: Implications for Talent (SOLD OUT)

The gig economy is by no means a new concept but this past decade has seen the growth of temporary, contractor, freelance and shared work grow significantly.

In this interactive session, we will examine:

  1. How the gig economy has altered the way that people view and perform work,
  2. The implications for individuals and organizations, and
  3. Provide practical advice on leveraging these insights to achieve your organization's talent and business
  4. objectives.


Speaker: Kathleen Jinkerson, Practice Leader, The Talent Company 

Kathleen is the Practice Leader for the HR & Total Rewards Solutions teams at The Talent Company. She works closely with organizations of all sizes across the globe, helping them understand how to leverage proven and trending practices to build and optimize their teams as well as refine their HR, talent and total rewards strategies and practices.

A passionate advocate for elevating talent and people practices within HR and total rewards, Kathleen is an active participant and speaker at a number of HR, leadership and Industry conferences and events.

The Talent Company is an HR Solutions firm that helps organizations Find, Keep, Rewards and Transition talent.



8:00am: Opening Remarks and Instructions

8:05am - 9:30am Speaker presentation