Thousand Islands: 03.23.21 The Connection Between Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

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Starts:03/23/2021 6:30 PM

Ends:03/23/2021 8:00 PM

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Thousand Islands: 03.23.21 *Virtual* The Connection Between Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

You may or may not have noticed the growing popularity of emotional intelligence in the leadership world - there's a good reason for this. The World Economic Forum has listed emotional intelligence as a top workplace skill for 2020 and moving forward. There is also a growing number of research pieces that directly link leadership effectiveness to emotional intelligence or EQ. During this talk, Jamelle speaks about what emotional intelligence is and provides a clear, scientifically valid case for its connection to highly effective leadership. He also provides the audience with emotional intelligence strategies and techniques that they can start implementing right away for themselves, as well as within their organizations.

Participants will walk away with the ability to: 

Define emotional intelligence (EI) and EQ 

Describe the connection between EI and highly effective leadership 

Apply 2-3 proven strategies for enhancing personal EQ as well as fostering an EQ cultural climate.


6:30pm: Speaker presentation 

8:00pm: Event Concludes

During registration please consider the donation option. Donated funds collected through this event registration will be equally divided between Indspireand Black Youth Helpline, preferred charities identified by HRPA members in a recent survey.

Speaker bio(s)
Jamelle Lindo

Jamelle Lindo is an emotional intelligence leadership coach, trainer and speaker with over 11 years of diverse learning and development experience. He has worked with thousands of professionals across Canada to help them ‘level-up’ through the practical application of emotional intelligence and mindfulness-based strategies. Jamelle is certified in EQ-i 2.0—the world’s leading assessment tool for measuring emotional intelligence—and he uses this to establish a scientifically valid benchmark to begin a leader’s development journey. Jamelle has published several thought leadership pieces on Forbes .com and is an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invite-only organization for successful business coaches. Jamelle is driven to empower leaders to become their best selves and in so doing, achieve the kind of business success that makes the world a better place.