Toronto: 10.22.20 *VIRTUAL ENG 23* Overcoming and Avoiding Toxic People in the Workplace

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Starts:10/22/2020 5:30 PM

Ends:10/22/2020 7:00 PM

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Toronto: 10.22.20 *VIRTUAL ENG 23* Overcoming and Avoiding Toxic People in the Workplace

Event Description

The topic of toxic people and workplaces can be an uncomfortable one. Many of us have lived through workplace bullying, abuse, and harassment.  Back by popular demand, Amy Davies, speaker, author, and fresh off her debut on City-TV Breakfast Morning TV show will enlighten us on the methods of how to avoid and overcome toxic people.

Learning Objectives

In this honest and open session participants will hear: 

  • how to identify toxic and abusive people and - recognize what speaker Amy Davies refers to as their resonance mission
  • why businesses seem to like and even promote bullies
  • how to deal with these types of colleagues when we encounter them and;
  • how to avoid them altogether

Speaker Bio

Amy Davies

Amy Davies is the founder and CEO of First 30 Inc. offering advanced onboarding and outplacement services to businesses. She is the author of A Spark in the Dark: Illuminating Your Path to a Brilliant Career in a Reorg World. Spark addresses the question, how do I manage a successful career when I’m constantly losing or changing jobs? Before establishing First 30 in North America, Amy lived in the UK and Europe working with global organizations including Unilever, Mars, and Grainger. She possesses unique expertise in understanding the impact of corporate and economic flux on individual outcomes.