Hamilton: 10.01.2020 VIRTUAL The Economy is Open: What is Work Going to Look Like Near, Mid and Long-Term?

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Starts:10/01/2020 12:00 PM

Ends:10/01/2020 1:30 PM

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Hamilton: 10.01.2020 VIRTUAL The Economy is Open: What is Work Going to Look Like Near, Mid and Long-Term?

There is hope in the air as Ontario workplaces have re-opened. The reopening raises many issues to consider: what will the new normal of work look like? Will there be changes to the type of work conducted, where it takes place and who performs it? Will the workplace physically change? How will these changes evolve over time and which are likely to become permanent? 

A side effect of COVID-19 is the increased recognition that many people are experiencing mental health issues, from anxiety and depression, to increased consumption in alcohol. How does an employer address these concerns? 

In this webinar, we will address the following important issues to help you develop your near, mid and long-term plans: 

  • legal and HR considerations addressing mental health issues

  • layoffs, recalls and terminations in the COVID-19 era

  • transitioning employees back to work to a physical or remote workplace

  • accommodations, flexible work arrangements and other measures to implement for employees to return 

  • what physical differences in the workplace might be experienced

  • anticipating what type of changes will become permanent 

Speaker bio(s)
 Natasha Savoline

Natasha Savoline, Lawyer & Human Resource Advisor

Natasha’s passion for fairness and creative positive and respectful workplaces informs her work as an experienced workplace investigator in areas such as harassment, discrimination, violence and code of conduct violations.

Always sensitive and respectful of the parties involved as well as the integrity of the process, participants often express appreciation to Natasha for the comfort and ease she brings to their experience.

Natasha’s experience as a workplace investigator and facilitator of respect in the workplace training has provided her with a valuable perspective and wealth of knowledge regarding the dynamics that cause workplace relationships to fail, as well as the emotions and catalysts that underlie complaints and incidents of workplace harassment and bullying. She uses her knowledge and skills to connect with employees in these dysfunctional workplace relationships and help achieve positive and respectful workplaces through on-on-one coaching, mediation and work with teams.