Algoma 04.14.21 VIRTUAL Who Are These People & Why Must I Be Nice To Them

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Starts:04/14/2021 9:00 AM

Ends:04/14/2021 10:30 AM

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Algoma 04.14.21 VIRTUAL Who Are These People & Why Must I Be Nice To Them

There are a group of people that have been put on this planet to mess with the rest of us. These are the people that will pick up a gun and shoot you no matter what the rules are. As employees and management they tend to dominate all of the conflict and all of the issues in every workplace. We call these people the 2% because believe it or not the percentage is actually that low. Our problem is that we make these 2% our 98% and that is creating a
huge problem in the workplace. Every single rule in the workplace today is based on the 2% who screw up. Most unions only react to bad management. And it’s because of this 2% on all sides that most HR departments have become the rule police instead of a human resource. The 2% can be seen as so pervasive that we make policy after policy to try to hold them accountable. 

But what this does is actually prevent the 98% from having a happy and productive workplace. There are so many policies in most workplaces that they have to have a policy book to explain the policies. We have created a mine field that people have to walk through every day. This minefield is causing workplaces to become less engaging and more stressful. This program will give tools to the HR professional on how to neutralize the effect of the 2% on the 98%. These tools will show the HR professional how to identify a 2% incident, where you deal with that specific issue and a systemic problem that will result in the need for a new policy. Every workplace incident does not require a new policy. In many cases it is simply understanding how to deal with and neutralize the 2%. The aim of this seminar is to help HR departments to get back to their intended goal of being a safe and welcoming place for every worker to go for advice and guidance.


  • Understand how to more effectively address the behaviour of the 2% in the workplace without also restricting the behaviour of all other employees.
  • Be able to critically assess their existing HR policies, identifying which are truly necessary and which may exist solely to address the 2%.
  • Learn steps to begin reestablishing the trust and respect of employees so that HR is not merely viewed as the “policy police” of management.

Speaker bio(s)
Ted Mouradian

Ted Mouradian has 40 years of business experience, is past president and honorary life member of the Ontario Real Estate Association and received his degree in Sociology at Brock University. Ted has been a professional speaker for over 30 years, he said he was five when he started. Ted has written 3 books on the management of professional and personal relationships in the workplace, and is currently completing a fourth. Ted has worked with organizations throughout Canada, the United States, and Australia putting his proprietary and acclaimed Cooperative Action Model© into practice helping to create long-term, sustainable behavioural change. Ted is President and co-founder of The 2% Factor Inc. which provides the tools today’s professionals need to improve workplace relations, eliminate conflict and bullying, and create a highly desirable work environment that allows organizations to attract and retain top talent.