Barrie: 09.29.2020 - Preventing High Performers from Burning Out (Webinar)

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Starts:09/29/2020 12:00 PM

Ends:09/29/2020 1:30 PM

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Barrie: 09.29.2020 - Preventing High Performers from Burning Out (Webinar)

This 1.5 hour interactive workshop will outline the relationship between stress, the way the mind works, and what strategies stop this relationship entirely, and which ones are secondary or supportive to this according to research.  Content breakdown:

- 25% understaning how the brain works, both under stress and not under stress, and how that affects decision-making,  insight and profitability

- 25% current statistics on burnout and the costs in the workplace according to research done by Stats Canada, inlcuding how to do an evaluation in your own workforce

- 50% why 25% of Fortune 500 companies are investing in meditation, why it is the #1 way to stop burnount and the resulting costs, and 3 other supporting strategies that reduce burnout in top talent at every level of the organization


Speaker Details: Kira Leskew

Kira Leskew, CEO and Founder of The Eagle Institute, has been an entrepreneur, a high-performance athlete, and a long time meditator for most of her life.  As an entrepreneur, Kira went throught a difficult mid-life crisis, where she had to question eveything that had brough her to this very successful part of her life.  Business success, personal success, and sports success weren't enough.  She felt stagnated in her own business, and she recognized that to move forward, everything had to go or she would never feel fulfilled.  It was like stepping off the edge of a cliff without any knowledge of how she would land but having to step out anyway or risk wasting the rest of her life stifled and stagnated.  Kira jumped, and despite many difficulties, is appreciative of who she has become.



12:000pm - Opening Comments and Introductions

12:10pm - Speaker Presentation

1:30pm - Closing Comments and Conclusion


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