West Toronto: How to do HR Analytics with no New Investments

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Starts:06/16/2021 7:00 PM

Ends:06/16/2021 8:30 PM

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West Toronto: 06.16.21 VIRTUAL How to do HR Analytics with no New Investments

Event Description

Over the past few years it's become clear that the key to people analytics is not big data or big technology. It's addressing relevant business issues using the available data in an intelligent way. That's why you can make progress on analytics without new investments, it's all about empowering HR pros to bring an analytical approach to their work.

Learning Objectives

  • How to separate out the slow world of advanced analytics & dashboards, from the fast world of "everyday analytics"
  • How to recognize the analytics work you are already doing, but isn't called analytics
  • Why is "evidence-based management" a better framework than "analytics" for all HR departments?
  • What are the first steps into getting analytics "wins" without an investment in new technology or data scientists?

Speaker bio(s)
David Creelman, CEO

David Creelman is CEO of Creelman Research. He’s best known for this research on people analytics, the future of work, and reporting on human capital to boards.

Almost all his work is built upon long-time collaborations, in some cases with famous names such as John Boudreau, Ed Lawler, Dave Ulrich and Henry Mintzberg. Over the course of decades, he’s got to know many of the people advancing the state of management.

In his personal life he has travelled extensively, sometimes to places that no longer exist in the same way: Syria before the war, Romania just after the revolution, and Nepal when cars were rarely seen. He’s also enjoyed places that are still emerging, such as Aceh after the tsunami, Cambodia after the wars, and South Africa after apartheid.

Bob Nagar

Bob Nagar is an organizational development consultant and people development coach. Together with Creelman Research, he has developed a series of workshops on Agile People Analytics based on original work done over the last few years. Most relevant to this event, he, along with David Creelman and Carnegie-Mellon's Denise Rousseau lead a community of practice of Fortune 500 companies on analytics and evidence-based management. This group openly shares their real experiences in analytics. Bob’s consulting and workshop interventions have delivered measurable results and lasting behavior change impacting productivity and performance for his clients.).

Bob’s career trajectory started in the IT sector. He was a founding member of a start-up (Catamaran, TSX:CCT) which became the most valuable healthcare technology stock in Canada and was acquired by UnitedHealth Group in 2015. His career as a senior manager in various healthcare IT organizations and subsequently as a consultant has afforded him the opportunity to be inside exploring out, and outside exploring in.

Bob has a Master’s in Adult Education, Workplace, Learning and Change from the University of Toronto. He is also a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) with CTI. Bob is on the Board of the Toronto Organizational Development Network (TODN).