On-Demand Webcast: Can your Organization Withstand a Pandemic?

Date and Time

Starts:02/12/2020 12:00 PM

Ends:01/15/2021 8:00 AM

1 CPD Hour(s)


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Enliven HR Consulting

With the recent outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, organizations are being reminded that the ongoing health and safety of team members is critical. To ensure the ongoing health and safety of our organizations we need to turn our attention to ensuring we have a robust plan in place to address a potential pandemic.

This practical webinar will focus on ensuring you have the right protocols in place to deal with potential threats and emergencies that your organization may face and that we continue to take every reasonable precaution to protect and inform team members.


Learning objectives:

  • Recognize what the Novel Coronavirus is including signs and symptoms, transmission and treatment and the potential impact for organizations
  • Assess your organization’s ability to withstand a pandemic while identifying the key elements to be included in the design of a business continuity / emergency preparedness plan
  • Determine communication mechanisms to convey pertinent and relevant information about the virus to your teams including what to do if a team member reports they or a family member have symptoms and need to be off work


Who should attend?

People leaders and individual contributors who are leaders within their organizations.