On-Demand Webinar: Mental Health Effects from COVID-19

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Starts:04/23/2020 8:00 AM

Ends:01/15/2021 8:00 AM

Registration Closes:04/23/2056 12:00 PM

Event Type: Webinar

1.5 CPD Hour(s)


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During COVID-19 we are seeing a rise of mental health issues among ourselves and our employees: anxiety, helplessness, lack of optimism, and isolation are all being experienced. Although society recognizes that mental wellbeing ranks highest in importance, there is still a stigma about discussing this important issue. As the duration of self-isolation continues, the extreme togetherness of families and others living together, is straining relationships and adding to the stress.

The challenge for HR professionals today is deciding where to focus budget dollars and finite resources for mental wellness offerings. During the pandemic is not the time to think about cost: it’s a time to think about support, care, and listening. Inventory your existing resources, benefits and programs currently offered by your organization and assess if it is enough. Do you need to offer more and what tools are available at low or no cost? Are there government resources you might use? If cash flow is an issue you may have to make trade-offs and if there are budget constraints, be as transparent as possible with employees.

On April 23rd, join Jodi Zigelstein-Yip, webcast moderator for updates on Covid 19 situation and Claire Duboc, a founder of the MindBeacon Group who will share valuable insights into the growing issue of mental health.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to balance short-term decisions with long-term implications through targeted collaborations with the senior leadership team.
  • Discover what knowledge and tools you need to create effective mental health programs for your people during these challenging times
  • Learn about impact of employee mental health programs including best practices to create effective programs at your organization
  • Gain insights on how to affect a sustained, organizational commitment and culture change.
  • Get five quick tips for putting your people first, and the business second.

  • Who Should Attend:

    HR Professionals, and their Senior Leadership team, who are invested in the mental wellbeing of their employees.

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