Sudbury 03.24.21 Protect Yourself: Improve your Health and Safety Training

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Starts:03/24/2021 6:00 PM

Ends:03/24/2021 8:00 PM

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Sudbury 03.24.21  "Protect Yourself:   Improve your Health and Safety Training"

Every employer in Ontario is required to ensure a safe workplace and environment for their employees. Occupational health and safety has become one of the most significant and complex legal challenges for employers, particularly in light of legislative changes over the past 2 years. Considerations of a COVID-19 work world have also required employers to face the new challenges of what attending at work entails. Establishing strong plans and protocols for health and safety in which address what steps are being, and are required to be, taken to promote, maintain and enforce health and safety in the workplace is even more critical, now more than ever, for employers to ensure compliance and minimize (or eliminate) exposure to the consequences which include significant fines, jail terms and the potential public relations impact. Proper training, communication and documentation offer the best ways to implement an occupational health and safety program in the workplace and avoid serious personal and corporate liability. This session will explore how to strengthen your company’s health and safety program through compliance, better training and documentation.

Participants will learn:

• Key elements of a Health and Safety Program, including the Mandatory COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan

• Specialized policies every workplace should have • What is due diligence? • The role of policies, procedures and documentation in due diligence

• Meeting and documenting mandatory training requirements •

 How to make discipline part of your health and safety program

• Work Refusals – When can they happen and how do you respond?

• Review of penalties for breaches of the Occupational Health and Safety Act


6:00 pm Opening Remarks

6:05 pm Presentation

7:45 pm Questions & Answers

8:00 pm Closing Remarks & Adjournment

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Cynthia Ingram

Cynthia is a senior lawyer who is provides proactive advice and representation to employer and employee clients on human resource and employment-related matters, including human rights, occupational health and safety requirements, risk-management and workplace investigations and assessments.

With a focus on management needs, she provides strategic advice and operational support towards comprehensive workplace policies and practice. Her wide range of experience includes counselling and representing clients on a variety of employment related issues, including hiring practices, employment and service agreements, employee policies and procedures, performance management, managing employee leaves of absence, employee discipline and termination, occupational health and safety, and discrimination and harassment.