Grey Bruce: ABM and Alternative Approaches to Diversity & Inclusion Training through Image Theatre

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Starts:05/06/2021 12:30 PM

Ends:05/06/2021 4:00 PM

Registration Closes:05/05/2021 8:00 AM

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This is an interactive session - latecomers will not be admitted after 15 minutes.

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Grey Bruce: 05.06.21 ABM + Alternative Approaches to Diversity & Inclusion Training through Image Theatre

12:30 PM - 1 PM: ABM
1 PM - 4 PM: Facilitation with Pavla Uppal and Afrouz Mobayen

Event Description
This workshop is designed for HR professionals (referred to here as participants) who engage daily in multi-dimensional interactions in increasingly and culturally diverse workplace environments. Such multi-layered diversity is a challenge and calls for a unique approach that cultivates a deeper understanding of what constitutes inclusion and how individuals can play an important role in it.

The approach used in this workshop is Image Theatre, which is part of a transformative methodology called Theatre of the Oppressed. It utilises embodied and interactive activities based on participants’ stories and experiences and is the best fit to address the challenges they face in their diverse workplace. Through this process, participants are invited to actively examine possible solutions and alternative strategies to the challenges (through role-play). The collective wisdom of the group and the individual experiences of participants are honoured by the facilitator who asks questions rather than offers ready-made solutions.

This approach is participant-centred, and thus the content of the training is entirely based on the participants’ lived experiences making the workshop particularly relevant to their professional growth. No previous theatre experience is necessary. This process also develops active listening skills, engages emotional intelligence, and accommodates varied learning styles.

Learning Objectives
In this workshop, participants will:

  • be able to identify aspects of an inclusive professional environment and relationships
  • be able to analyze situations from multiple perspectives
  • learn how to become sensitive to diversity in all its aspects (culture, identity, and ability)
  • develop communication skills necessary for an inclusive and diverse environment
  • learn to recognize individual responsibilities for implementing best inclusive practices in their work environment.


Speaker bio(s)
Afrouz Mobayen

Afrouz Mobayen, MEd, is a College Professor and teaches ESL / Communication courses to adults. She became passionate about using interactive theatre for social change and community building while she was completing her Master's in Education at OISE in 2015. Since then, she has facilitated and co-facilitated participatory workshops for both adult students and educators with this methodology, and her mission is to inspire social change through promoting collaborative and supportive learning environments.

Pavla Uppal, Experiential Education Consultant

Pavla Uppal, M.A. is an applied theatre practitioner and an educational consultant. She is a founder and a facilitator at Your Story Matters, where she facilitates unique participatory and story-based professional development and community building. She is passionate about stories and their transformational power. Her mission is to empower people to realize themselves as active agents in the change they want to see. Visit for details or further engagement.