On-Demand Webcast: The law of employee resignations

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Starts:05/09/2018 8:00 AM

Ends:05/09/2056 8:00 AM

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Is it enough for an employee to just state that she has resigned – or is something more required?

Resignations can be a tricky legal area, and it's important to gain a strong understanding of the entire process. Learn about when a resignation is (and is not) valid, understand how much notice should be given, and find out if and when there's such a thing as wrongful resignation.

In this session, you will learn precisely when a resignation occurs, and specifically what duties flow from the resignation. 


Learning objectives:

  • When is a resignation valid
  • How much notice should be given
  • Is there such a thing as wrongful resignation
  • What duties flow from the resignation


Who should attend?

Operations managers, HR professionals and workplace lawyers.

Speaker bio(s)
Ryan Watkins

As a former competitive baseball player, Employment Lawyer and litigator Ryan Watkins likes to swing for the fences – whether in life or in law. This is the approach that Ryan brings to the table when it comes to handling workplace disputes: No matter whether your case is big, small, complex or straightforward, rest assured that Ryan is trying to hit a home run for his clients.

Ryan’s employment and workplace law experiences are as varied as his background. Ryan attended law school in California and was later admitted to the state Bar of Hawaii. However, since 2012, he has honed his litigation skills back in Toronto, where he was raised.

Unlike many other so called “employment law litigators” who claim they will go to court, Ryan Watkins walks the walk.

Although Ryan has experience handling very complex workplace cases, he also holds a special interest in representing the little guy or girl, especially in ‘David versus Goliath’ type matters, where Ryan can really make a difference for his clients.

Through his litigation practice, Ryan has also gained extensive experience in employment standards matters, employment contracts, human rights and discrimination, privacy matters, workplace safety and insurance, wrongful/constructive dismissals, union disputes and occupational health and safety.

During law school, Ryan was a member of the prestigious Law Review and his article was published in the Santa Clara Law Review Journal.

On a personal note, Ryan is an avid supporter of the Toronto Raptors and he is a proud season ticket holder.