Grand Valley: The Realities of Employee Engagement and the Employee Experience

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Starts:05/19/2021 8:30 AM

Ends:05/19/2021 10:30 AM

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Learn how to unbundle concepts of employee engagement, employee experience, employee value proposition and employee lifetime value to focus on what is meaningful for your employees.

Employee engagement is an overused, variously defined term that causes much confusion. While engagement is something every employee hopes for and every employer desire, surveys say that engagement is low and disengagement high. The issue is how to distinguish employee engagement from the concept of a good employee experience. A company that can retain its staff and meet its objectives can be the right place for an individual employee; from a practical perspective, however, it may not be the right place for every employee. A great work environment for some may not be great for others.

Focusing on what is meaningful for your employees is essential for a talent-driven company. There is no one correct answer.

Learning Objectives

  • Ask the right questions to define employee engagement, employee experience, employee value proposition and employee lifetime value in your company.
  • Understand the definitions, decode the anachronisms, differentiate between the concepts and learn their impacts.
  • Understand the drivers of employee engagement: what executives say they will do for people versus what they and other managers do.


Speaker: David Cohen

Dr. David S Cohen, Ed. D. has a vision: organizations that thrive by living their values in good times and especially VUCA times. David's first career was in elementary and high school education, where he built a reputation for building school communities based on purpose and social responsibility. Thirty-three years ago, David transitioned to corporate consulting.

As a consultant, David earned a reputation as a contrarian consultant because he does not always follow what is popular in his chosen field. David works with leaders helping them understand what is and what is not necessary to build an active and positive organization. He helps leaders' step into life's challenges, inspiring them to create a sustained approach through a values-based focus, resulting in better business results. David has had the privilege of partnering with firms across five continents and all business sectors.

Additionally, he has worked with governments, from the local to the federal levels, and not-for-profits. He has taught at Queens University School of Labour Relations and the executive education program at the

Schulich School of Business, York University. Currently, he teaches organizational development at Durham College. David earned his doctorate from Boston University in Humanistic and Behavioural Studies; during that time, he also completed independent studies at the Harvard School of Education, where he was a teaching assistant.

David is a keynote speaker, educator, disruptor, facilitator, team builder, and executive coach.  David is recognized by the GlobalGuru Top 30 in the category of Organizational Culture. He is also a member of the MG100 Coaches.



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