Northeastern 09.23.20 How to Manage Remote Teams

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Starts:09/23/2020 11:30 AM

Ends:09/23/2020 1:30 PM

Event Type: Webcast

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Northeastern 09.23.20 How to Manage Remote Teams

Many managers and leaders rely on proximity as a means of directing, motivating and connecting with their teams without even realizing it. Furthermore, team members being close to one another has naturally led to increased communication and collaboration. However, when the team is separate, our dependence on physical closeness becomes painfully clear. If you now find yourself managing a remote team, you face some unique challenges. How do you keep people on task? How do you grow and maintain trust? How do you ensure people are motivated? How do you show appreciation? How do you keep the social connections that are so important to engagement alive? Join our online class on managing remote teams and learn how to overcome these and many other challenges. In this session, we'll walk you through building engagement and commitment, setting boundaries and expectations, effective communication, building a strong online culture, and much more. We'll will show you that a strong team isn't the result of location, but rather dedicated individuals given purpose and inspiration from their leader, no matter where they are.