York: 05.25.20 *VIRTUAL* Wellness Day

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Starts:05/25/2020 10:00 AM

Ends:05/25/2020 12:30 PM

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York: 05.25.20 *VIRTUAL* Wellness Day

Topics of Discussion

1st Speaker:  Charles Gaffney / Bob Hopkins

New WSIB Rate framework program!

Understanding how the WSIB’s new Rate Framework Modernization model works.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how NEER costs impact me moving forward
  • What’s new & what’s different?
  • New Rate Groups/Individualized Premium Rates
  • How will claims be charged to my company?
  • How to prepare my organization for these changes?
  • The role of the supervisor and worker in the new model.
  • Why Cost Relief is a critical tool for Rate Framework Modernization
  • Transitional Policies (2020-2022) Full Implementation January 2023
  • The financial impact of modified work and the downside to not accommodating injured workers.
  • How to determine and forecast future WSIB premium costs.
  • The latest information on Mental Health Claims & Presumptive PTSD claims

2nd Speaker:  Rensia Melles

Attention and awareness of Psychological health and safety in the workplace has been steadily growing with employees, employers, and in social discussion.  The discussion has shifted from the sole focus on mental health of individuals in the workplace to the mental health of the organization itself and how well the organization fosters psychological health.  Mental health is the leading cause of disability in Canada and worldwide. In Canada, almost half of the employees on disability for mental health-related concerns identify that their mental health concerns are workplace-related. Employers have a huge opportunity to put in place preventative protocols and foster a culture of psychological health and safety, through top-down and bottom-up changes.  Psychological health and safety not only prevents workplace issues evolving towards disability, but it is also a crucial factor in facilitating return to work for employees who have been on disability for mental health as well as physical concerns. Research has shown that psychological factors often prolong absence even after recovery. 

This interactive presentation will look at the role of psychological health in prevention of absence, facilitating return to work. It will offer suggestions for fostering psychological health in the workplace in concrete day to day practice and bottom-up initiatives. 

3rd Speaker:  Dr. Liz Scott

As mental health concerns continue to rise, contributing to approximately 30% of short and long term disability claims in Canada this year, employees are recognizing the importance of support from their employers in the mental health space. In this informative seminar, Dr. Liz Scott will discuss how organizations can strengthen their ability to provide support to their workforce, and the importance of objective medical evidence, the right diagnosis, and the right treatment for effective return to work planning.

Speaker Bios

Charles Gaffney

Charles Gaffney is an accomplished workers compensation paralegal and partner with SEGA Workplace Consulting, an established boutique paralegal firm that provides an unprecedented return of investment to employers, consistently being responsible for the majority of SIEF cost relief decisions for employers in Ontario at the WSIAT. Charles is responsible for the strategic direction of the company as well as employer education, providing both public and provide seminars for employers along with Bob.

Bob Hopkins

Bob Hopkins is a workers’ compensation consultant/paralegal who has been providing WSIB management training and education to employers since 1997, working both with SEGA as well as operating his own WSIB Management practice. Bob is a sought-after speaker on WSIB and routinely speaks to employer associations across Ontario on how to mitigate WSIB costs, claims advisory and best practice on Return to Work Management program implementation.

Charles & Bob have been WSIB Consultants for over 20 years, becoming paralegals in 2008. Each year they speak to audiences across Canada ranging from healthcare, manufacturing, construction, transportation, etc. informing employers on WSIB best practices, understanding the current experience rating model, claims management techniques, Chronic Mental Stress, as well as PTSD, claims. They encourage the audience to bring their best questions and share them amongst the group. Their practice SE-GA Workplace Consulting is a recognized industry leader in obtaining cost relief and implanting WSIB cost avoidance techniques.

Rensia Melles. M.A.

Rensia Melles is the founder of Integral Workplace Health.  She is a certified Psychological Health and Safety advisor and brings over 20 years of experience managing and designing international employee support programs. Has collaborated with multinational and fortune500 employers on the introduction and implementation of successful employee support for a global workforce.  Rensia is passionate about supporting mental health in the workplace.

Over the course of her career, she has published and presented internationally on a wide range of employee support topics, including leveraging the workplace for health, global trauma support, mental health, and employer liability. 

Rensia holds an M.A. in Social Psychology from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Dr. Liz Scott 

Dr. Liz Scott is an accomplished leader and Disability Management Professional recognized for award-winning cost reduction results, “best practice” program designs, and the ability to solve a complex variety of internal and external workers’ compensation and disability concerns. Liz enthusiastically runs a vibrant growing disability management company that has an established reputation for effectively introducing change and cost-effective programs, by demonstrating to employees and management the benefits of improved performance.