E-Learning: From Here to There in 90 Days

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Starts:01/29/2018 8:00 AM

Ends:01/29/2056 8:00 AM

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This program will teach you how to find your ideal mentor and how to fully leverage a mentoring relationship so that that you take your skills and confidence to the next level.

Learn how to make the connections you need and maximize them. Unlock your potential and embrace the transformation.


Learning objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the entire mentoring process – from identifying why you need a mentor to outlining your last meeting.
  • How to find great mentors and how to make the most out of every mentoring conversation.
  • How to use the MentorCity platform throughout your career.
  • To develop your skills as a mentee and mentor.
  • To learn mentoring program best practices that can easily be applied to your organization.


Who should attend?

You'll benefit from this course if you're hoping to advance within your organization, looking for work, starting or growing your business, getting settled in a Canada or simply looking to further develop your skills. 


Speaker bio:

Shawn Mintz

Shawn Mintz is the President of MentorCity™, which offers online mentoring software for organizations for their mentoring programs, and for individuals who would like to establish mentoring relationships. Shawn has over ten years of experience in the career and employment services sector and has created award-winning mentoring initiatives that have helped thousands of people to achieve greater success. In recognition of his efforts, Shawn has received George Brown College's Career and Work Counsellor Crystal Award for Innovation and the Alumni Mentor of the Year Award. He has been acknowledged as a Canadian who has demonstrated a commitment to helping new Canadians succeed. He is also a judge for the Canadian HR Awards and has published an eBook called 'MentorCity: How a few minutes with the right person can change your life' and online course 'From Here to There in 90 Days'.