On-Demand Webast: Followership For Millennials

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Starts:09/18/2017 8:00 AM

Ends:09/18/2056 8:00 AM

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Millennials want to make a difference. They come into your organization with lots of ideas, enthusiasm, and an eagerness to learn. They are digital natives and naturally collaborative. But they have also been told their entire lives that they have to be leaders to be valued. When their leadership aspirations are frustrated, they disengage and/or leave.

In fact research shows it is the flipside – followership – that makes the difference to early career success and has greatest organizational impact. Yet millennials are the least prepared generation to embrace the role.

People think of followers as passive, order-takers: in other words, follower-sheep. However, today's followership role is so much more: collaborative, creative, initiative-taking, agile. Think wolf pack.

You Will Get

  • How to hire for followership and how to develop it
  • The latest research on the impact of followership to organizations and careers
  • Completely new ways to think about, and build, followership
  • Case studies from tech startups to the US government
  • Bring new, high value insights to your senior management team

Speaker bio(s)
Marc Hurwitz and Samantha Hurwitz

Co-authors of the best-seller Leadership Is Half The Story: A Fresh Look At Followership, Leadership, and Collaboration (University of Toronto, Rotman Press); co-founders of FliPskills, a cool consultancy with radical new ways of enabling followership, leadership, and collaboration skills; and co-founders of FliP U, an online university for developing personal and interpersonal skills that flips how you think about online course delivery.

Dr. Marc Hurwitz is an insightful and engaging polymath with a PhD in neuroscience, an MBA, and Masters degrees in math and physics. He has many years experience as a facilitator, trainer, teacher, consultant, corporate executive, and entrepreneur. Marc now enjoys being Chief Insight Officer of FliP University and FliPskills and Associate Director, Undergraduate Studies at the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre at the University of Waterloo.

Samantha Hurwitz is a recovered corporate executive and controller where she sharpened her critical thinking skills for > 20 years in finance, accounting, IT, operations, HR, and myriad projects that nearly dulled her everything else. Fortunately her current career is creative! Samantha now enjoys being Chief Encouragement Officer of FliP University and FliPskills, a leadership/followership coach, trainer, consultant, and writer.