On-Demand Webcast: An update on unjust dismissals for federally-regulated employers

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Starts:03/14/2018 8:00 AM

Ends:03/14/2056 8:00 AM

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Terminating federally regulated employees (in non-management roles) is more difficult than terminating provincially regulated employees, due to the unjust dismissal provisions in the Canada Labour Code (CLC).

A new Supreme Court of Canada decision in 2016 confirmed that federally regulated employees cannot be dismissed without just cause, similar to the regime for unionized employees.

This program will cover the manner in which federally regulated employees can challenge their terminations, who the provisions of the CLC apply to, the remedies available to employees under the CLC and recent case law establishing what constitutes 'just cause' for dismissal in the federal context.


Learning objectives:

  • Who do the unjust dismissal provisions of the Canada Labour Code Apply to?
  • What remedies can an employee seek if they believe they have been unjustly dismissed?
  • How does the unjust dismissal complaint process work?
  • How do the CLC adjudicators determine whether there was just cause for dismissal?


Who should attend?

HR Consultants, HR Managers, HR Directors, and Employee Relations Consultants. 

Speaker bio(s)
Priya Sarin

Priya Sarin is a partner at Whitten & Lublin. She brings with her substantial experience representing both employees and employers in employment, labour and human rights related matters, with an emphasis on litigation. Priya has previously worked with clients in such diverse sectors and industries as: IT, banking, financial services, government, small business, retail, health care, education, the arts, food & beverage, manufacturing, news, affordable housing, worker co-operative and non-profit.

Priya routinely drafts or negotiates her clients’ employment agreements, collective agreements, HR policies, independent contractor/consulting agreements and separation packages and she regularly advises on post-employment obligations, conducting harassment investigations and meeting employment, human rights and workplace safety standards.

Priya obtained her B.Comm. at McGill University and her LL.B. and M.A. in International Affairs in Ottawa