Toronto 03.04.21 Virtual ENG How to Become a Master Interviewer

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Starts:03/04/2021 5:30 PM

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Toronto 03.04.21 Virtual ENG How to Become a Master Interviewer

A job interview is your time to shine and this session will help you enhance your interviewing skills, whether you’re the interviewer or the candidate. Let’s be honest, first impressions matter a LOT (and you only get one chance to make one), so mastering the skill of interviewing is essential…perhaps today more than ever. 

During this session, we’ll discuss First 30’s interview technique: “Storytelling Your Way to Success”, a proven approach to enhancing interview performance from the candidate perspective. 

We’ll delve into
  • common interview questions you need to prepare for and what each of them really mean 
  • illegal interview questions and how to tactfully respond to them 
  • plus many more interview tips and tricks 
On the opposite side of the table, as current and future HR leaders, it’s important to understand the best approaches and questions when interviewing a candidate. So while we’re at it, we’ll explore these too! Join us for this can’t-miss, virtual ENG event.
Save your “seat” today and see you there!

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Amy Davies, CEO

Amy Davies is the founder and CEO of tech start-up First 30 Inc. offering advancedonboarding and outplacement services to businesses. She is the author of A Spark in theDark: Illuminating Your Path to a Brilliant Career in a Reorg World. Before establishing First30 in North America, Amy lived in the UK and Europe working with global organizationsincluding Unilever, Mars, and Grainger. She possesses unique expertise in understanding theimpact of corporate and economic flux on individual outcomes.