On-Demand Webcast: The Journey from Accessibility to Inclusion

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Starts:04/24/2017 12:00 AM

Ends:04/25/2056 11:30 PM

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Now that organizations are well on their way to meeting the province's AODA standards of accessibility, it's time to think beyond technical compliance to the true meaning of inclusion for people with disabilities.

Ruth Wright leads the Accessible Organizations research practice at The Conference Board of Canada. In this webinar, she will share insights from recent research and take participants on a journey beyond compliance. She will lead a demonstration of a new online self-assessment tool that will help you establish a baseline from which to take your organization to the next level of accessibility.

Webinar participants will come away with a practical understanding of the tool and best practice measures that an organization can do beyond compliance with legislation to create a culture of accessibility and inclusion. They can also get some questions answered that relate to practical aspects of making our organizations more accessible.


Learning objectives:

  • Learn the difference between inclusion and a holistic, systems-based approach to true inclusion
  • Learn how to effectively navigate the self-assessment tool
  • Learn how to interpret the results of their assessment
  • ​Learn about the resources section to help go beyond compliance and help with areas that need improvement 


Who should attend?

HR professionals, leaders responsible for diversity, inclusion and providing accommodations for people with disabilities. Anyone responsible for making their organization truly accessible.

Speaker bio(s)
Ruth Wright, Director, Human Resources and Inclusive Talent Management Research

Ruth Wright is the Director of Human Resources and Inclusive Talent Management Research at The Conference Board of Canada. In this role Ruth leads a team of executive network managers and researchers who work with senior level Canadian human resource professionals and other stakeholders on critical workforce and talent management issues.

Ruth brings to this position over thirty years of experience in workforce research. She has authored numerous reports and briefings in the area of human resources management, employee engagement, talent management, diversity, and labour relations.

Ruth's research team has developed numerous resources for employers stored on its Accessible Organizations Website. The employer toolkit is a must-have resource. New initiatives include a forthcoming Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking study and a partnership with the Rick Hansen Foundation that will quantify the value of making Canada’s organizations and facilities more accessible for people with disabilities.